I am enraged. I am burning up inside. I am about to explode in a fiery feminist ball of fury!

Posted: January 10, 2018 in Activism, Feminism, Personal Essay, philosophy, think about it

I haven’t posted in a while. 756 days to be exact (that’s a made up number). The reasoning? Feeling like the world is going to shit and there’s nothing I can do about it. Why have I decided to post today? Sex. Sexual misconduct. Sexual harassment. Sexual abuse. Sexual Violence. Rape. Molestation. CONSENT.

I started this blog eight years ago because I wanted to share my feelings, ideas, opinions and thoughts with the world. I had such strong feelings about my experiences and surroundings and was curious if anyone felt the same way. I never once used my blog as a teaching tool. I wasn’t writing to preach my opinions or convince others to see the world through my eyes. I often put disclaimers on my posts stating I don’t know anything about anything.

This is not that kind of blog post.

Today I not only have something to say, but I have something to teach. Today I AM going to try and convince you to see the world as I do. Today there will be no disclaimer.

There is much discussion about the increasing amount of sexual harassment* coming to light in every country, city, town, business, sport, school, house, room and bed on this planet. If you haven’t heard or still don’t realize, sexual harassment* happens everywhere, to every kind of person. If this is shocking to you than you are one of the privileged people who was born with a set of amour that gives you a mild form of protection against this abuse. However, even that amour cannot protect you 100%. How do I know this? Because I was born with a set of amour, white, middle class amour, and I was not fully protected by it.

There is much discussion about why sexual harassment* has become so rampant in global society. There is even more discussion about why sexual harassment* is STILL happening in the so called “developed world”. I know the answer. Sexual abuse* has been a part of human society since humans began recording their history and I would argue since long before that. In fact, it is still legal in many countries to sexually abuse* women, men and children as a form of punishment or retribution.

In countries where sexual harassment* is illegal there is a fear and stigma built up around it that makes it almost impossible for those experiencing it to defend, speak up, and demand justice for themselves. When those brave few are able to grab a hold of their voice they are then ripped apart by family, friends, coworkers, judges, police officers, and the media.

In short, sexual abuse* has always been here.

I’m not sad. I’m not depressed.  I’m not in despair. I am enraged. I am burning up inside. I am about to explode in a fiery feminist ball of fury!

There is no other option. THIS. MUST. END. The time was up long ago.

I have a suggestion. I have an answer. I do not have THE answer but an answer, because as with all social issues there is no one way to move forward. Instead we must create an endless river of consistent changes. However, no matter the issue (poverty, racism, sexism, violence) the river must always start with the youngest of people, with the intervention of early education. And not just standardized education. Sexual education. Compassionate education. Anthropological and sociological education.

There’s a reason we start school when we are young. It is how we as humans learn. We take our time to mature and develop. You don’t start primary/elementary school learning how to read Tolstoy or doing complex calculus or being expected to solve physic problems. Instead we start by learning the alphabet, and simple numbers. Then we move up to spelling small words, and adding tiny numbers etc. Our education is gradual. Sexual education should be no different. Sex ed should move from simple understandings about the body to more in depth discussions about things like intimacy, pleasure, contraception, and STI protection in high school and beyond.

Why isn’t current sexual education gradual? Or worse, why is sexual education non-existent for the majority of the world’s population?

When we grow up learning about sex it will no longer be a taboo or shameful topic to discuss. People should grow up understanding that sex is not be used as a form of power over someone else. Sex should not be used as a form of control. Sex should not damage your sole. Sex should not be used as a fear tactic. Sex should be about fun and pleasure, and if you want it to, sex can also be about reproduction. Sex should be built on the foundation of respect for each others bodies and for our own.

Some will argue that sex* is too complex for children to understand, but it’s not. When I speak about sexual education I really mean body education, autonomy education. Children should and must grow up with the understanding that their body is their own. WE OWN OUR BODIES. Therefore, we make the rules for our bodies. We decide what feels good, who can touch us, and when we want something to stop or keep going. We are the sole givers of consent and we reserve the right to revoke it at any time, in any space.

I own my body. I am an expert in my life experiences. I know that sexual education can and will drastically reduce sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual violence, rape, and molestation. Do you?

Note: I understand that cultural differences and understandings affect the ability of sexual education to be taught in school. However, cultural differences cannot and should not be blamed for sexual abuse, except in a global sense. I know that not a single person on this planet WANTS to be sexually abused/harassed/violated/raped/molested regardless of their race, culture, religion or creed. Therefore, these differences should not be a reason to give up the fight against sexual abuse/violence/harassment/rape/molestation.

I also understand that formal education is not offered to millions of people, however sexual education is something that does not need a classroom to be taught!

* This post is about all forms of sexual abuse, harassment, misconduct, rape, molestation, violence. So when I use one of these terms I am really mean all of these.

If you are experiencing sexual abuse tell someone you trust.


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