The Borrowed Heart

Posted: December 23, 2012 in inspiration, Love, poetry, writing
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I was just a wanderer

Looking for a start

Always left to ponder

With my broken heart

One day I came across

A man with gentle grace

He asked about my loss

And the look upon my face

I told him of my sorrows

About all the things I’ve lost

He gave me something to borrow

But it did not come without a cost

He placed inside my being

A warmth I did not understand

It suddenly felt so freeing

The feeling was so grand

“Here I give you my heart,

I hope it will help you see,

That with the things we part,

We are really just setting free.”

The man said, “That is all.”

He turned and walked away

I wanted to reach out and call

But his name he did not say

I kept the warmth inside

Every step I made

The sorrow began to die

My pain began to fade

Until one day I walked by

A woman upon her knees

I wiped the tears from her eyes

Her heart she said, “It bleeds.”

I knew what I had to do

To give her a better tomorrow

“I have something to give you,

It’s something you can borrow.”

“Here I give you my heart,

It’s yours for you to take,

but one day you will have to part,

To help someone who’s life’s at stake.”

The women stopped her tears

I got up slowly and walked away

As she began to free her fears

She calmly asked me to stay

I said “I can’t, I’m a wanderer,

I have just now found my start,

The only thing I now ponder,

Is who else needs a borrowed heart?”





  1. amira says:

    Very touching.
    True, we borrow peace and warmth from others throughout our journey.
    And there comes a time when we need to become the giver instead of the receiver.

  2. jjhiii24 says:


    This is a very appealing entry. I kind of wished you had posted it with a vocal reading of the poem as you did recently with another post. I’ve read it aloud to myself several times and I love the way the poem feels and how it sounds, but YOUR voice gives your words an additional emphasis that I simply can’t reproduce. I listen to you recite your other posting sometimes and it just makes such a difference in how it impacts me.

    The rhythm and meter in this work are a little tricky for me, but I know your performance of it would give a better result.

    Hope you are being good to yourself. Thanks for sharing this…..John H.

    • Thank you so much John for suggesting this. I had thought while I was writing the poem that I should do another dramatic reading. So as per your request I recorded myself and will post it ASAP! I’m really humbled that you are so moved by my last piece it mean a lot! Peace and Love Lindsay 🙂

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  4. tarun says:

    nice words of unwisdom 😉 …… think i’d be keeping them in my diary, if you don’t mind of course.

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