Equality = Acceptance of Difference + Love x Compassion

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Equality

Equality = Acceptance of Difference + Love x Compassion.

  1. zenkitties says:

    something I posted on facebook today.

    “its kind of funny how much our deep seated conditioning drives us to want to control others.

    we are on the same team here on earth. you don’t fear gay marriage, you fear giving up control.

    let people be who they are and love and accept them for that regardless of whether you agree with their choice or not. one you don’t have control of them. and two its not YOUR judgement to make.

    and before anyone says, “well god said.” no you don’t know what god said, because we all see through a limited filter. no one knows.

    that’s just an excuse to not dealing with your own control and possessiveness issues. roll up your sleeves and stop pushing stuff on god.”

    This was speaking in general of course. Cheers and agreed! Love and Compassion to you!

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