An Ode to 25: Unwisdom from Someone Who has Lived an Entire Quarter Century

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Disclaimer: I don’t know what an ode is so take this all with a grain of salt…..or a big boulder landing on your head. Whatever floats your boat!




I’ve seen it all! 
Of course I’m joking when I type that, but for someone who was born just before the dawn of the digital age I feel like that. Sometimes I think I’ve seen more in my 25 yrs of life than my grandmother has seen in her 90yrs of life! Progression these days is well progressing at an alarmingly high rate and stuff that was one way today, could quite possibly be a completely different way tomorrow or five minutes from now! For heaven sakes Pluto used to be a planet when I was a kid people! The things that we all thought were fundamental  building blocks of life have turned out to be not so fundamental. Which brings me to today’s blog entry. I recently turned 25 and was feeling rather overwhelmed that I have reached this age(call it a quarter life crisis if you will) and what do I do when I feel overwhelmed? I Blog. In turn, I’ve decided to do a 15 part series on the unwisdom I’ve gained over the past 25 years. As always the stuff I present to you here are just my own thoughts and philosophies on life. Whether you get a laugh out of this or an epiphany I hope you enjoy it! And take a moment to think about the things you’ve have learned or unlearned in your lifetime.
The following is a list of the 15 parts, check back tomorrow for Part One!
1. Just because you grew apart doesn’t mean you can’t grow back together 
2. Listen to your parents 
3. Don’t listen to your parents 
4. You have standards for a reason
5. Read stuff
6. Grudges are for babies
7. Drama is an extra curricular activity not a way of life
8. It’s never too late to change your mind
9. You will never be consistent, deal with it
10. Sometimes you mix together two things that you hate and it turns into something you love 
11. Quality will always win over quantity 
12. Youthfulness is a state of mind
13. Don’t be afraid of doing the things that scare you 
14. Love comes in unlimited forms
15. You don’t know shit!



  1. jjhiii24 says:


    I am very much looking forward to your 15 part series, and congratulate you on accumulating a quarter century of life. It used to be that reaching the age of 30 was the big turning point that brought on such musings, but today 25 is a bit more important than before. Even the car insurance agencies in the USA recognize this milestone by reducing the insurance premiums for someone at age 25, since (statistically at least,) this is when most individuals become less of a risk on the road.

    Anyone reviewing your blog knows that you have gained your “unwisdom” through much hard work and thinking and pondering over the years, and you shouldn’t underestimate the value of your musings, since they are frequently insightful, wise, and forward-thinking in ways that we do not see very often in someone so young.

    As someone who has accumulated increments of 25 years twice and then some, I admire your particular variety of “unwisdom,” and enjoy sharing in its benefits as one of your readers. My recommendation is for you to press on with the full force of your musings and not to hold back anything at all. We will all be the better for it.

    Warm regards…..John H.

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