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I want you

I need you

I’m a slave for you


I don’t flaunt you

I won’t feed you

I’m locked in a cave for you


I miss you

I hate you

I’m lost without you


I won’t kiss you

I don’t bait you

I’m in a state of doubt with you


I free you

I hold you

I’m losing hope, for you


I don’t see you

I won’t mould you

I’m trying to cope with you


You don’t want me

You don’t need me

You’re not a slave for me


You won’t miss me

You won’t hate me

You’re not lost without me


You don’t free me

You don’t hold me

You’re not losing hope, for me


You are not for me

And I am not for you

Maybe I can be free

Maybe you can be too

There once was a girl who lived in a box

She was taught to keep quiet

A voice urged her to talk

Over and over the voice told her to defy

Still keeping silent

She wondered why

“What’s outside this small, confined space?”

The voice posed the question;

The answer her mind wouldn’t chase

“Nothing,” she replied so incredulously

How dare such a query

This voice, how can it be?

Everyday the voice louder, questioning still

“How do you know?”

This was not her own will

“Alas my dear child you can find what is true,”

She wanted the answers

The voice already knew

“Open this box, and outside you will see,”

“Peace, love, bliss,”

“Outside it is free.”

What an idea to accept into the mind

It had never before

She had always been blind

“How do I open this box where I stay,”

The voice had this answer

“You will find a simple way.”

The voice left her body never to return

She mourned the loss

She knew she must learn

One day the answer wildly arrived

The voice had left

It’s wisdom still thrived

The girl stood up and pushed high above

The box slid open

And then a small shove

With pressure behind her she reached up and out

The air was crisp

Then a sudden shout

“I did it, I made it, out here I can fly”

The voice was not dead

“It was always in I”

It didn’t matter that she wasn’t always free

Why would she care

Now she could just be

To the box she went to free all the rest

It was closed so tight

She knew just the test

The girl used her voice and planted a seed

Someone faintly heard

The voice it would free

Over and over she spoke loud and so clear

Until someone listened

And let go of their fear

First one then many came out of the cubed space

The looks they held

Relief on their face

Each time the box shut a new voice would arise

Out of the darkness

Releasing silent cries

There once was a girl who lived in the open

She helped crack the box

Too let hope seep in