What will we leave behind?

Posted: December 28, 2011 in philosophy, think about it
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Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about what Humanity’s impact on this planet will do for future life on this planet. The other day when I was gazing out my balcony, I saw a bird land on an apartment building across the street, the bird flew down to the paved street and began to peck at a variety of plastic garbage that had been strewn in the street. Something hit me during that moment. I suddenly had this feeling of how unnatural our world has grown to be. This bird who is so much a part of nature, in seconds had interacted with nothing naturally occurring in nature. I then began to think about what Humanity will leave behind once we cease to exist on this planet. Instead of leaving behind just our bodies we will be leave behind synthetic plastics, all kinds of manufactured metals, treated woods, chemicals of all sorts that will surely seep into the soil and affect all future growth. Our fossils will not be bones or teeth, instead they will be cars, weapons, buildings, light poles, batteries and billions of other non-bidegradable things. It saddens me to see what we have done to this great planet that has given us the opportunity to grow and evolve.

  1. a says:

    It sucks to be part of this race that has miserably failed in handing over to the future generations what it had inherited. Something that was so pure and pristine at the outset has been ruthlessly mangled and mutilated without any scope for recovery. Sad indeed!

  2. Your post is SO fine. For whatever reason, notices of your postings stopped a long time ago – years now, until I did a “re-set” and there you are. Stewardship of this magnificent planet is THE number one spiritual and moral issue of our time. Nothing else compares with it. Thank you! I have often had the same feeling watching a bird, a chipmunk, or a squirrel. A number of Views from the Edge posts look through a similar lens. Bless you!

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