Why does the grass have to be green?

Posted: December 27, 2011 in free, open, philosophy, think about it
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As I was scrolling through “topics” I came across a blogger who had this thought the power of a positive idea is greater than the power of a negative idea.  In reaction I had this thought who is to say whether an idea is positive or negative. Can an idea not just be an idea? Why do so may things in our lives have to have a charge, a meaning, a description? Again I ask, can things not just be things? Why does the grass have to be green, is it impossible for us to see it as just grass?

I often here people say there is no love without hate, or you have to take the good with the bad. I don’t know if I want to believe that, I think I would rather not have either than have pain, suffering, oppression, anger and bouts of happiness, bliss and love. Would the world really be boring if every feeling, idea, thought felt the same way? Not to say the every thought, feeling or idea would be the same but would affect us in the same way.

I then have to ask you this, is peace boring? In a sense if global peace was achieved we would all accept every aspect of existence/life as we know it on this planet. We would have respect for everyone and everything. All things would be different but be accepted in the same way or is that an unfair assumption of peace? I guess that’s what my idea of peace is.


  1. I totally agree with you that ideas should be viewed simply as ideas! There is merit in all ideas, and none should be discounted. On your question about peace, I think that absolute peace wouldn’t be something where we see everything as “just grass”. I think if we lived in peace we would see everything for more that “just” anything. We would revel in the glory of every subtlety, and live in a constant state of awe about the world around us. I think that if everyone tried to view the world this way, we would be a much more joyous planet. Great post and question!

    • Agreed! I may have been a little simple using the phrase “just grass” I was meaning it more in the sense that grass/things don’t have to be described or have a meaning they can just be whatever they are, and have no connotations about them.

  2. hi! i think you’re really hitting on some hard philosophical ground with this post! And it’s given me some more fuel to add to the fire of inspiration. We (humans) can’t help but walk into our experience and impose our beliefs on our reality. For example, the idea has no observable trait of “good” or “bad” but we as humans, when engaging on it, can’t help but place our own framework over the top of it! – (I think it was Kant that came up with or further developed this idea).

    As for the green grass, although I agree to some extent to what you mean, I do not think it’s livable. Imagine a world where no one had any concept of the abstract (in your analogy this abstract would be the “green” in grass) and the grass was just… grass… and tables were just tables… and stealing was just stealing – without any abstracts for us to place on top of them! Not only is this absurd, but I think it’s impossible! And dare I say that you have imposed your own green on top of the blogger who has inspired this post!

    But I am now rambling – there is so much to unpack in only three paragraphs! Great post 😀

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