I have read a few articles within the past year stating that Legalizing Gay Marriage would be America’s downfall and that accepting the gay rights movement could corrupt the world’s youth. Strewing morals of who people are supposed to love. This astonishes me!

Let me ask you this, was the Women’s Rights movement a downfall for humanity? Was the African-American Civil Rights movement a downfall to society? Of course not, these were not hindrances to the world these improved it. How can acceptance and recognition and equality hurt humanity?

What hurts us as a Global population are things like bombing/killing/blowing up other people and countries thinking that this is the only way to get a point across; Or letting whole countries and continents starve as others exceedingly prosper; Genocide, Xenophobia, Judgement, Stereotypes, Greed, Power. These are the things that cause hate, suffering and despair in the world.

I find it crazy that people are so outraged by two people loving each other and sharing their lives together more than they are outraged that thousands upon thousands of people starve to death everyday. Seems odd doesn’t  it?

    This shouldn’t even be an issue.

  2. Satis says:

    But I thought all evil people were gay. Or are all gay people evil? I can never remember which way around it’s meant to be. I wonder how the world would respond if someone stood up and tried to force homosexuality on everyone else. Never happened? Huh. I’m trying to remember the word for people who force their beliefs on others. Oh yeah – tyrant.

  3. So true! The real problem with humanity is our complete inability to accept each other. The only people really advocating that gay rights would be the downfall of America are the extremely religious who believe it is a sin. Complete equality is the huge step we need and gay rights is one small step in the right direction.

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