Martin Luther King wrote the “I have a Dream Speech” not the “I Have a Plan Speech”

Posted: March 31, 2012 in free, inspiration, open, philosophy, think about it, Video
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I was suggested this video by a fellow blogger who thought I might be intrigued by it. He was right! I am not a business person but what this guy is talking about makes sense. The only way to be successful and inspiring is to know WHY you do something. Not the end result of WHAT you want to accomplish. It is a tad long and may seem boring to some but the last 4 minutes of the video is worth everything. After all “Martin Luther King wrote the I have a Dream Speech not the I have a Plan speech.” The Golden Circle is something we all should look into applying in our lives. Hope you take some time to watch! 🙂

  1. zenkitties says:

    Hey un-wise one,

    I knew you would enjoy this link, and am glad that you liked it enough to post. It is very “business”-y but I knew you would pick up that this kind of inspiration doesn’t just apply to business but can be applied to the very life that is being lived. What a wonderful beautiful talk in that video, and I hope that these happen more and more and I believe they will as things are already starting to shift more and more in this direction!

    Thanks again for the plug and I appreciate and enjoy your blog greatly! =]

  2. You are listening to a great man. Thanks for posting.

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