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Read it, loved it, sharing it!

disposable poetry

the rain doesn’t ask
why it falls

the sun doesn’t ask
why it shines

the tree doesn’t ask
why it leaves

in all the world
asks why

except us

because we think
what we think

and it does
but only to us

so what if
we let our thoughts
fall away like rain

what if
we shined like the sun

what if
we let our false-selves go
like leaves from a tree

what if
we stopped asking

what if
we just admit
we don’t know
and never will

and what if
we didn’t
make it mean anything

(D James)

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  1. --Rick says:

    It’s a nice sentiment, but to me it reads as if were incomplete. I like what is there though.

    • Could it appear incomplete because the questions have no answers? Possibly. To me this is the essence of my wondering, always questions with no answers in turn leading to more questions, with again no real answers. Is this poem Incomplete or lcontemplative, maybe incompletely contemplative. Or contemplatively incomplete 🙂 or me and my questions! Peace and love!

  2. Yahooey says:

    I especially liked the last stanza:

    and what if
    we didn’t
    make it mean anything

    to me it represents the idea of not projecting meanings where they are not needed and where may be none. (FYI: I will copy this comment on the OP’s site)

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