The Grey in her Eyes

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Gray Hayles, inspiration, quote, Quotes, story, writing
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I have taken break from writing my story Gray Hayles because I have felt a lack of inspiration. Which is weird because this story up until a month ago was dominating my thoughts constantly. Today that break ended. I was reading another persons blog when they suggested taking break from a story is fine but when it is too long it can become toxic. This blog suggested you write words no matter what even if you feel like what you’re saying in your head is not how it is coming out on paper. I took this advice and began to write one of the most poignant parts of this story. Somehow the words came together and I was able to write pages upon pages and when I was done I felt the rush I hadn’t felt in a month. The feeling that this story is still here and I still have the inspiration to write it. So this blog is sending out a big THANK YOU to Today my inspiration came from you and I am grateful for it. I will leave you with a little exert from the pages I wrote today which may be the best I have written so far. I am now more than ever overwhelmed with the excitement of finishing this piece.

There she lay with grey storm clouds in her eyes, staring into my soul. She did not look through me but rather into me, into the depths of my being that I desperately tried to keep hidden but were not safe from her stark gaze.

  1. I love it when I write like that! 🙂

  2. Satis says:

    The most important thing in the world is to just write – good words or bad, with or without inspiration. I get myself through every day by telling myself I can fix it later.

    • I am slowly learning this Chris. I know I must stop being so critical of my work and just let the words flow. And you’re right I can always fix it later! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. mrbsure says:

    Everyone that writes has a day where they think ‘ok this isn’t working’ I actually posted something in my blog about getting stuck writing which works for me and anyone I’ve shared it with agrees.

    You should always have that passion burning though, even if it’s in a sense of anger. I wouldn’t worry; the words are ready for you to write them, you just need to prepare yourself:)

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