One Lasting Forever

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Love, poetry, writing
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One Lasting Forever (audio)

For us there is no forever

We knew that when we began this endeavor

We chose this path mutually

Divided, alone, we will hurt separately

The looming end poisons our time

Our love from the beginning was a great climb

Some moments are shared free of regret

Questions are pondered, Why have we met?

My life will be empty without you there

How am I to live gracefully without your care?

I want us to stay in this place together

Let’s make this moment the one lasting forever

  1. jjhiii24 says:

    It’s interesting how you weave the elements of this poem together. You begin with the conclusion of the story, (no forever for us) then move right into the present moment, (we hurt separately) then on to reflecting about the relationship in retrospect, (it was a great climb) pondering the bigger questions we all have about relationships, (why have we met) and you conclude by expressing an impossible wish (to make this moment last forever) having already expressed an acknowledgement in the beginning that there would be no forever.

    You capture precisely the ambiguity and uncertainty of loving another person, the hopes and aspirations that we all bring to a relationship, and the inner deliberations that ensue when relationships go awry.

    Your personal voice in the audio portion leaves it up to the listener to decide how you actually feel about the situation, but the sense of it, for me at least, is that it’s not particularly troublesome to you, even though there clearly is some disappointment about the outcome.

    There is much to admire about this work and your rendering of the work with your voice is perfectly ambiguous.

    • Thank you John for your comment. Tbh I never really think about how I write my poems or the order it is portrayed. Most of my writing comes out like water pouring from a tap, something triggers it and the words just fall onto the paper. I liken it to being possessed…in a good way. This poem actually comes from my experience and if I’m being honest this was really painful for me. The audio was simply me trying to understand the facts. Almost telling myself to suck it up, because I knew this is how it would play out. You can accept the facts but it doesn’t stop you from wishing things were different.
      Peace and love
      Lindsay 🙂

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