Do you Ever Feel….

Posted: December 21, 2011 in poetry
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I was going through my Facebook reading all the notes, articles and poems I wrote several years ago. Reminds me of the feelings I had during a darker period in my life. When I read these words I can feel how trapped I felt during that time, I was so young, so confused about life. I’m glad I can now say I am free and full and open. Hope these words can help others realize we all go through dark periods and sadness but you can overcome it, and you will overcome it and once you have overcome it you can begin to help others come out of their own darkness.”Be someones light at the end of their tunnel.”
do you ever feel like your completely lost
like nothing in life comes without cost

do you ever feel like all the people stare
like they look at you but really dont care

do you ever feel like the pain will never leave
like everyone around you thinks you’re so naive

do you ever feel like life moves to fast
like there it was but now its the past

do you ever feel like pushing them away
like you want them to go, but really to stay

do you ever feel like leaving this place
like disappearing into space

do you ever feel like you’re losing it all
like no matter what your going to fall

do you ever feel like trying to flee
because if you do, you can talk to me

  1. Very intense and I wasn’t sure where this was headed, then the ending was a surprise and I love it! You added a ray of sunshine and hope at the end of all the melancholy, wonderful. It’s always good to know there is hope!

    • Thank you! I actually had a more serious ending but I wrote it like 4 years ago and I just didn’t feel the same way, so I updated it to fit how I feel now. I appreciate the feedback!

  2. Very good – keep on writing.

  3. Loved the ending.Keep writing!looking forward to read more.

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