Posted: December 22, 2011 in philosophy, think about it
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One of the worst parts about not having much experience with loss is seeing people hurt and suffer from invisible wounds and then realizing that this pain is going to happen to you, it will happen to you, and learning that you have to accept that this is a truth. People you love will die. It hurts to say, write, even type those words, but yet these words are fact. They say that the truth hurts, how painfully true. We’re born, we live, we die. What happens after death remains to be seen. After death, after life those are not absolutes; death is an absolute. Every human has one thing in common, we will all die; I try find peace in this knowing. 

  1. janetthomas says:

    So while we live we have the time for our lives to write a short story.

  2. I really appreciate your attitude and your blogsite! Very creative!

    In wondering about your comments, one of the things I think that we tend to focus on as a group is death. It is true that in the cycle of our time here we go through the stages of different forms until we move beyond the form that we have been given for the approximate one hundred years, give or take. But then, what about life? If we say that we appreciate life, then how does that translate? Do we really appreciate life or do we really just exist on Earth for the duration?

    • I don’t believe people truly appreciate life. I think we spend much of our lives worrying about the past, future and present as well as death instead of just living peacefully and happy. I work everyday to try and appreciate this planet and ALL of it’s inhabitants.
      Thanks I am grateful for the feedback, and questioning!

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  4. When I was your age, I had not yet had much experience of death or loss, either; and I had many of the same sort of concerns–how will I react when these things occur, as they inevitably will? How will I handle great losses? Can I do so? I studied philosophy and religion and psychology for “answers.”

    Many years have passed since I was in my early 20s, and many losses great & small. And the studying I did proved helpful in some ways, but experience is the greater teacher. Not that I would claim to have acquired any wisdom yet, if ever.

    You are starting out on a long, reflective journey. The tools you need are your curiosity, your questions, your ability to be observant. Keep questing!

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