I am not to be Feared

Posted: May 27, 2012 in free, inspiration, open, philosophy, poetry, thought, writing
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Some think I am weird

afraid to come to near

but I am not to be feared


He thinks I am a disease

expecting me to please

this is what he sees


She thinks I am poser

burning me with her smolder

wanting only for me to hold her


You think I am an inspiration

playing with your imagination

all of Me is a collaboration


They think I am insane

pushing to me to detain

but my spirit will not be slain


I think we can be free

if only we choose to see

each person selflessly

  1. SimplifedStories says:

    That is so true. I love the rhyming and the meaning! Great job!

  2. Niiiice!
    Some think I’m weird too & I think they are right. But – I like the weird in me 😉

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