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You are the vine, roping me tight

holding my limbs when I put up a fight.

You are the tree, grounding my soul

I tried not to let you but my heart you stole.

You are the tear, falling from my eye

when I have no answer for my why.

You are the moon, lighting my darkness

showing me peace in all its starkness.

You are the sun, warming my heart

letting me know we will never part.

You are the song, ringing in my ear

calming my sadness, tabling my fear.

You are the wind, washing over me

keeping my spirit open and letting me be free.

I was going through my Facebook reading all the notes, articles and poems I wrote several years ago. Reminds me of the feelings I had during a darker period in my life. When I read these words I can feel how trapped I felt during that time, I was so young, so confused about life. I’m glad I can now say I am free and full and open. Hope these words can help others realize we all go through dark periods and sadness but you can overcome it, and you will overcome it and once you have overcome it you can begin to help others come out of their own darkness.”Be someones light at the end of their tunnel.”
do you ever feel like your completely lost
like nothing in life comes without cost

do you ever feel like all the people stare
like they look at you but really dont care

do you ever feel like the pain will never leave
like everyone around you thinks you’re so naive

do you ever feel like life moves to fast
like there it was but now its the past

do you ever feel like pushing them away
like you want them to go, but really to stay

do you ever feel like leaving this place
like disappearing into space

do you ever feel like you’re losing it all
like no matter what your going to fall

do you ever feel like trying to flee
because if you do, you can talk to me

I love Saskatchewan it is my home. We may not have epic mountains, or wave filled oceans. Yes, it gets frigidly cold and the summers are short, hot and sweet. I find the beauty of this place is in its simplicities. You can see for miles on ground and in the sky. “Out here it is so open and so free and that’s what beauty is for me.” Here is a poem dedicated to this amazing province that I live and a few pictures.

The melting snow of spring,
Brings the birds back to sing.
Water mixes into mud,
and the trees begin to bud.

The humid nights hot on our skin,
the winter was a loss but summer a win.
Flowers and trees full and lush,
the herendous wind creates waves that crush.

The fall inspires, and makes the air clear,
We all know winter is almost here.
Leaves are raked and stratigectly piled,
We hope and pray that winter will be mild.

Sparkling hoar frost lines the trees,
counting the days till we see the leaves.
Winter is hard and very pain-staking,
but the beauty of it is really breath-taking.

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SUFFERING internally, 
for possible eternity. 

STRUGGLING with constant thoughts, 
fearing an inevitable loss. 

FINDING a way through the maze, 
much of my life spent in a haze. 

LOOKING for a place to leap, 
no rest for the sad and weak. 

CRAWLING my long way out, 
too many real feelings of doubt. 

BEING dragged into the darkest hole, 
now there is nothing, nothing but my soul. 

I wrote this poem after watching a documentary about a boy named Evan Perry who suffered with bipolar disorder and took his life at age 15 because he couldn’t get free of the madness. RIP Evan.

I am not the Lover

I am not the Kind

I am not the Mother

I am not the Blind

I am not the Air

I am not the Sound

I am not the Fair

I am not the Found

I am not the Funny

I am not the Birth

I am not the Money

I am not the Earth

I am not the Tame

I am not the Bad

I am not the Blame

I am not the Sad

I am not the Wild

I am not the Scared

I am not the Child

I am not the Shared

I am not the Safe

I am not the Birds

I am not the Waif

I am not the Words

This is a poem I wrote in middle school about not being defined by the words the world uses to define you. I strive to be undefinable!

There once was a girl who lived in a box

She was taught to keep quiet

A voice urged her to talk

Over and over the voice told her to defy

Still keeping silent

She wondered why

“What’s outside this small, confined space?”

The voice posed the question;

The answer her mind wouldn’t chase

“Nothing,” she replied so incredulously

How dare such a query

This voice, how can it be?

Everyday the voice louder, questioning still

“How do you know?”

This was not her own will

“Alas my dear child you can find what is true,”

She wanted the answers

The voice already knew

“Open this box, and outside you will see,”

“Peace, love, bliss,”

“Outside it is free.”

What an idea to accept into the mind

It had never before

She had always been blind

“How do I open this box where I stay,”

The voice had this answer

“You will find a simple way.”

The voice left her body never to return

She mourned the loss

She knew she must learn

One day the answer wildly arrived

The voice had left

It’s wisdom still thrived

The girl stood up and pushed high above

The box slid open

And then a small shove

With pressure behind her she reached up and out

The air was crisp

Then a sudden shout

“I did it, I made it, out here I can fly”

The voice was not dead

“It was always in I”

It didn’t matter that she wasn’t always free

Why would she care

Now she could just be

To the box she went to free all the rest

It was closed so tight

She knew just the test

The girl used her voice and planted a seed

Someone faintly heard

The voice it would free

Over and over she spoke loud and so clear

Until someone listened

And let go of their fear

First one then many came out of the cubed space

The looks they held

Relief on their face

Each time the box shut a new voice would arise

Out of the darkness

Releasing silent cries

There once was a girl who lived in the open

She helped crack the box

Too let hope seep in